Our actions / programs 

DREAMS Network

DREAMS stands for Digital, (Re)skilling, Entrepreneurship Allowing Meaningful Success.

We facilitate the creation and growth of hubs around the globe (collective intelligence, collaboration, support, etc.).

GloCal programs

Innovation (ideation, hackathon, incubation, acceleration), (Re)skilling and personal development, and more.

All programs are co-created with the community and powered by our direct actions and centers.

Thriving communities

The communities are very important during and after the programs, or simply to engage with enthusiasts looking for support to start their journey.

Our role is to ensure you always find support from your peers and our core team.

Why us? Our values

Ethical co-creation

Clear governance & democratic participations.


Shared revenue and global redistribution model.


Positive impact on People and Planet.

Solutions for you

I'm an individual 

Whether it’s your first journey as entrepreneur, or you are looking to understand better the opportunities of the Digital Economy, or you dream about a new meaningful job, our resources, programs and communitites can support you

I represent an organization

Are you searching for the best incubation program to transform ideas into impact? Or maybe you want to connect with peers to grow together during your acceleration journey!

Anna found the support and community she needed to boost her impact.

— And you?

To reach this sustainability, we need to co-create our future as

If it takes a village to raise a child,
it takes local communities collaborating worldwide
to ensure the development of sustainable solutions for all
and solve the problems of our time.

We co-create based on partnerships

So whether you are a government, a university, a development agency an organization or an engaged individuals sharing our goals, contact us.